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Off to California - MP3
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"Off to California" is a traditonal hornpipe in G major, there are two parts of 8 bars, each played twice.

Off to California 1 - MP3
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Let's start with a simple grid with just four chords: G modal (G5), D modal (D5), C and Em. You can use these chords:

Then we can make some variations.

You can use some new chords: G major, D7 and the G7M which at the moment a G modal 7M:

Off to California 2 - MP3
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After that we can go a bit further with more seventh chords.

Off to California 3 - MP3
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We can use a real G7M, an Em instead of the G and an Am7 instead of the C. We can also play an Em7 on the B part and a C7M instead of the G.

You can listen to "Off to California" in the album "Traditional irish music and songs" recorded by the band Liadan in 2006.



Download the summary (tab + chords)