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"Off to California" is a traditonal hornpipe in G major, there are two parts of 8 bars, each played twice.

Off to California 1 - MP3
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Let's start with a simple grid with just four chords: G modal (G5), D modal (D5), C and Em. You can use these chords:

Then we can make some variations.

Off to California 2 - MP3
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You can use some new chords: G major, D7 and the G7M which at the moment a G modal 7M:

After that we can go a bit further with more seventh chords.

Off to California 3 - MP3
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We can use a real G7M, an Em instead of the G and an Am7 instead of the C. We can also play an Em7 on the B part and a C7M instead of the G.

You can listen to "Off to California" in the album "Traditional irish music and songs" recorded by the band Liadan in 2006.


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